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We are now preforming a Digital Vehicle Inspection for our customers. This new program lets us show you exactly what we are seeing when we are looking over your vehicle to address your concerns. Inspection results are broken down into 3 categories. Passed inspection, Future services, and Immediate Service. Let’s take a quick look at all three categories.

Passed Inspection- There are items on the inspection we looked at and were in good condition. Items we take measurements on such as brake pad thickness, tire tread depth and tire pressure will have those noted on your inspection for your information.

Future Services- These items found here will be suggestions for repairs and services that are recommended to be done. They are items that are in need of repair but do not have to be repaired at this time. You will also find any fluid service recommendations in this section as well such as transmission fluid service, coolant service, differential oil service, transfer case fluid service, brake fluid, and oil change. The recommendations to the left are all fluid leaks that we found while performing the inspection on this vehicle.

Immediate Service- these are the items that should be repaired while the vehicle is currently in the shop. These are recommendations that if not repaired are a safety concern or they can lead to a much more expensive repair down the road if not repaired. We highly recommend addressing these items in some fashion.

Give either location a call and set up an appointment to have a Digital Vehicle Inspection completed on your vehicle today. We have many different inspections customized to the job we are preforming on your vehicle.