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It’s always a good idea to prep your car and stock up on roadside provisions for the new year. Throughout the year life happens to us and our cars. We have to maintain them throughout the year. No to mention unfortunate car break downs that can happen while out on the roads. I know I have robbed Peter to pay Paul with my cars before. I have barrowed a jack from one car to repair a flat on another and failed to put it back. It’s possible you may have topped of some fluids and didn’t replace the extra fluid for topping off purposes. Use this time of year as a reminder to go back through those items and restock or replace what is missing or broken. Below is a list of some items to check and make sure you have and are prepared if you need them. Few things are more aggravating than going to grab that coolant and the bottle is empty or missing.

Roadside provisions check list

No one ever wants to experience vehicle troubles. Making sure you are prepared when it happens will make all the difference on the experience with the vehicle break down. If you see something is missing that you carry in your own roadside kit, please leave it in the comments. People being prepared is the goal.