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With so many wiper blades out on the market we thought we would take some time and explain the the primary types available for your car, truck, or SUV. Let’s take a look at what options are out there on the market.

Metal Frame Wiper

Conventional blades use a metal frame and a rubber squeegee. This style is the typically the most cost-effective option to go with. They utilize various pressure points to apply pressure to your windshield. They work well with light to medium heavy rain. This was the industry standard for many years.

Hybrid Frame Wiper Blade

Hybrid wiper blade. Hybrid windshield wiper blades combine an affordable metal frame and an effective rubber or plastic shell. This shell helps keep snow and ice from getting into the metal framing. This helps the wiper maintain its flexibility and the ability to apply pressure on the windshield.

Beam Style Wiper

Beam blades are the best of wiper design. They’re usually the most expensive type. You can use them for at least a year without experiencing reduced performance. The rubber design curves easily around your windshield and isn’t as affected by snow, ice, or freezing temperatures. The spoiler design of the rubber forces the blade down on the windshield as you drive.

With many different options on the market there is a wiper for every car. Keep in mind there will be quality differences between wipers of the same type. That normally correlates to the quality of the rubber the squeegee is made from. Vision is key when driving do not delay in replacing your wipers if they are due.